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How Working At Home Can Work For You

Pam & Kent Kubacki

It is a well-known fact; stay-at-home Moms have the toughest jobs. Managing a household, taking care of the children, overseeing schedules and coordinating activities. It can be overwhelming at times, but truly fulfilling.

Pamela Kubacki was a major success in this very important role, and was happily content with her family life six years ago. The only thing that she was not content with was her self-image and that was when she was introduced to Saba.

Pam began taking Saba ACE and quickly began to notice a significant difference in her cravings, her hunger and her overall figure. She then decided to introduce her husband, Kent, to Saba ACE and it quickly became a family favorite as the pounds started to fall off both of them. Together, they began to get healthier and then decided to order 12 bottles as a test to see if they too could possibly retail the product and build a Saba Business. They knew that even if they couldn’t sell the 12 bottles, that they were both okay with each having a 6-month supply for their own personal use during their weight loss journeys.

Pam and Kent were pleasantly surprised and completely wowed, when all of the 12 bottles sold before they even received their shipment. After that, their following began to grow and fast. Through family, friends, friends of friends, their new Saba Business took off. However, it was up to Pam to manage it, as Kent was fully enthralled in his prosperous career. She became a stay-at-home “working” Mom and was able to provide the balance needed for her family as well as an income that would allow for many amazing family vacations and financial freedom.

Today, Pam has built herself a thriving Saba Business and when asked what her advice would be to another stay-at-home Mom reading this blog and looking for inspiration on balancing both work and life, she said the following;

“There is always downtime. A stay-at-home Mom always has time, in between loads of laundry, naps, etc. You have to learn how to utilize your time and give yourself a schedule, be flexible.

stay-at-home moms have their own groups – they talk to other stay-at-home moms, which is a very easy way to build a business with other stay-at-home Moms. Also, how wonderful is it to be that mom who can go to the school and volunteer in their child’s classes? With Multi-Level Marketing and being able to work remote you can go and be there for your child at their school and probably make some money just by going or while you are there and you’re going to be making money after you come home, only if you built up a business below you. It gives you that flexibility to continue to earn money even though you aren’t technically working that given hour. Or two hours. Or half a day. However, when you are working a J-O-B, if you aren’t there for four hours you don’t get paid, but in Multi-Level Marketing you do!

Being a stay-at-home Mom, you don’t think about yourself and eating and nutrition. Mom’s need a ton of energy to do all that they do in their day, because they are constantly busy doing things.  So why not gain that energy from some of what our products provide to get you through your day? Using our products is a huge perk!

Also, there is nothing better than being considered a stay-at-home working mom. By adding income to your family, you are not only providing the best childcare for your kids, but you are able to add a little income as well. Even if that means just play money. Looking back at the things that we were able to do over the past six years would never have happened if I had not jumped in with both feet.

All it takes is a commitment for you to put in the time and the work to reap the benefits and rewards down the road. Of course there are days where I have worked two hours, but there are many more days where I have worked 16 plus hours. That includes messaging and talking with customers, going to the post office, placing orders, getting into the tree in my business and helping out team members. Having the flexibility to work mobile. You can’t put a price tag on that!”

Through Pam’s experience she has not only built her own Saba business, but has helped to build many others’ in her team and downline. She acclaims her success to the lifestyle change that it has provided her with. “You can’t promote a healthy lifestyle if you yourself are not healthy!” So as inspiration to all mothers that are at home, seeking to add an element of opportunity and an overall lifestyle change to their lives – look to Pam! She fell into a position that has helped to flourish into who she is today, a balanced mother, wife, daughter, friend and Executive Platinum, Saba Distributor.