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Lifestyle Change


We have all been ingrained with the notion of living a healthy lifestyle and eating well. We were taught in grade school about the pyramid for a balanced diet. Yet we all have our bad eating habits, which we continuously return to. Healthy habits are very hard to attain, once a bad habit has formed it often takes much strength in determination and a change in mindset.

However, if we told you how a change in your lifestyle and adopting a healthier diet could benefit your overall health and reverse the repercussions caused by the unhealthy lifestyle, would you consider practicing them? We may have a solution, so let’s begin!

In order to find a solution we have to first identify the problem. Surely, we did not arrive at this point by constantly making the healthiest choices. Healthy eating does not mean completely reinventing yourself, but it requires courage and the discipline to reach out of the comfort zone. An unhealthy choice leads to habits that can be perceived as normal, however they bare a significant consequence unless action is taken. These simple choices can include things such as consuming soda pop or sugary drinks on a daily basis, unhealthy snacking or not staying properly hydrated. It is imperative that the bad habits are identified so that they can be corrected.

Eating healthy should not just be about a diet; it NEEDS to be infused with one’s lifestyle. After all, we want to achieve a healthy weight goal and maintain it, right? Many follow a meal plan or a diet and reach their desired outcome, but tend to fall back into their unhealthy routine. Consuming the daily-recommended servings of suggested nutrition, vitamins and minerals is the key to reaping the benefits of foods consumed and peak physical performance. That seems like a pretty good reason to begin your journey towards a healthier lifestyle and not a “Diet”. Consistently challenging yourself or setting higher goals is the key to success.

Achieving a weight goal and maintaining it is much easier once exercise is combined with healthy eating. It is very difficult to achieve desired results from exercise without proper nutrition. One thing to always keep in mind: It takes energy to burn energy. Eating the right foods and staying hydrated is a necessity when it comes to exercise. Aging has a negative impact on your heart and blood circulation, muscles, bones, metabolism and nervous system while exercise has a positive impact.

There are endless benefits from having a healthy lifestyle. The key is being consistent and to challenge yourself to propel to the next level. When weight lifters want to compete do they progress with the amount of weights that they lift? Absolutely, raising the bar to be the strongest and the healthiest is a key component. A track athlete does not practice endurance in a rocking chair or sprinting to the vending machine. We may not want to be a professional athlete, but simple habitual changes and healthier choices just may take us farther than a track athlete.

With all of that said, it is imperative that you come to terms with wanting a positive change in your life. Reside yourself to knowing that your journey will happen with every small step taken. Just remain focused, goal oriented and take it day-by-day.

The Vision Behind Saba

Saba logo

Saba is a lifestyle, a movement, a change we not only wish to see in ourselves, but in the world as well. We are a community that stands together in the fight for quality of health. We have been in existence for nearly 30 years and have since, grown to be a highly respected company within the Health and Wellness arena.

Our Mission is to change people’s lives by providing them the best nutrition, weight-management and personal care products in the world with an unparalleled business opportunity.  At Saba, we want to matter immensely in the lives of people. We have the opportunities and the products to be the change we want to see in the world.  

That is our vision and our goal for you! We are driven by the needs of our customers and distributors and inspired by their stories. We help those who stand with us by providing them with the tools and opportunity to not only represent our reputable product line, but to benefit financially in hopes of creating a brighter future.

The overall lifestyle and tone that is set for our distributors and customers is one that is motivating and empowering. We recognize that alone we can do so much, but together we are unstoppable.  We are there in full support of your personal journey whether it is bettering your overall health or building your Saba business. We are there providing guidance, inspiration and the basic blueprint to creating your future. So let’s take this journey together and make a difference in the world.