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Saba Lustre

In the month of December, we released our new and unique Saba Lustre Advanced Skin Tightening Cream (“Saba Lustre”). It quickly became a must have item for all of our distributors and customers as they learned that this particular product held the secret to looking more like your younger self.

Saba Lustre is formulated with a proprietary blend of ingredients that instantly and temporarily firms, tones, and lifts your look. It also contains Argireline and Goji Berry to provide the added benefits to a smoother appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Once the cream is activated in the package by the warmth of your hand you then place it onto your third finger and lightly dab a thin layer of cream onto your desired surface area. You then leave it damp on your skin (do not rub it in) and wait approximately two to three minutes for it to set and work. The results are truly amazing and speak for themselves.

Our client’s have been raving all over social media about their personal results and experience with Saba Lustre. Karen Lea Rodriguez said, ”Truly cannot believe the difference with the Saba Lustre Advanced skin tightening cream!!” and Lisa Fenstermaker proclaimed, “Omg, I found the Fountain of YOUTH!”. Another very excited client, Colleen Wilson said, “4 days and I’m seeing REAL results with these bags decreasing!!! And, I’m LOVING how they look with the cream on!!” Don’t believe us, then you will have to try it for yourself! Get with your local distributor today to learn more about our advanced skin tightening cream, Saba Lustre.


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