Angela Maddox’s Big Girl Goals


Saba’s Executive Platinum Director, Angela Maddox, has been rising to the top since she began in 2011. With her goals clearly in sight, she has made it quite impossible to fail and has exceedingly surpassed the expectations of those around her. With each year passing, Angela has created, what she refers to as “Big Girl Goals”. These goals have helped her to climb her way out of addiction, pay her way out of debt, put her children through private schooling and retire her husband and lifelong partner Marc Maddox. These goals have been her driving force and have helped her to land her latest great achievement, which is to be a guest speaker at Marina Worre’s Go Pro event in Las Vegas this coming March. It will be there, where she will be discussing her background as a successful woman in the Network Marketing industry.

This 5’2” powerhouse started from humble beginnings with a very close-knit, protective family by her side. Her world was shaken at age eighteen when her grandfather passed away on her High School Graduation night. Graduating top in her class, Angela slowly declined thereafter into a life of drug addiction, as she was unable to deal with the loss of her grandfather. She wasn’t able to move forward with her bright future and steadily declined into a methamphetamine addiction.

Through the years her addiction worsened and with the struggles of life, marriage, children, finances, loss of loved ones, Angela retreated to her life of addiction, not realizing that it was the mask to a much more serious issue – she was diagnosed with a Split Personality and Bipolar Disorder.

With all of this at hand and her marriage on the line, Angela made her first “Big Girl Goal” and detoxed herself for six-weeks on her own. She did this to become the wife and mother she dreamed of being, to be healthy for them and to prove that she could overcome the addiction that was tearing her life apart. Day-by-day Angela pieced her life back together, working a day job at a car dealership and not only taking care of herself, but her family and her ailing grandmother as well.

Fast Forward a few years, Angela had settled into her new normal and was rebuilding her life, but still wasn’t quite happy with herself. She had gained a significant amount of weight and was nearing 200 lbs. She sought out a solution to help slim her down, but nothing quite worked. It wasn’t until a colleague introduced her to a sample of Saba ACE, that her journey began.

The results were amazing, Angela not only lost 65 lbs, but her mood and outlook changed drastically as she began to build a loyal following for her Saba Business and the motivation behind her future goals.

She literally took off, earning a great salary in her first year with her hard work and dedication to her Saba business. It took her a mere 8 months to reach Platinum status, which was around the time when she was able to retire Marc and hit the road together to recruit and train their growing team. Their life together began to flourish, as they were able to pay off their debt, send their daughter to private school, purchase homes, cars and go on desired vacations.

Angela contributes Saba to being her platform and what she is meant to do. It provided her the opportunity to become the success she wanted to be for her family and a true inspiration to those around her.

With all of these pieces together for Angela, it has paved a path for another incredible year as she was hand picked by Marina Worre to share the stage with some of the most dedicated woman in the Network Marketing Industry at the Go Pro event in Las Vegas. Together, they will be sharing their own unbelievable stories and inspiring others to follow in suit. Angela’s secret to her success is to lead by example and to always set those “Big Girl Goals”.

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